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Quick and easy websites done professionally.

We’re a passionate and highly-skilled group of experts who want nothing more than to help you reach your digital goals.

Fixed Price Projects

We've got set prices for set deliverables, and we stick to them.

Flexible Work Modes

Quick, cost-efficient, expert, and/or the full agency experience - we suit your needs.

Honest and Timeous

We do this because we're passionate about digital. We're going to help you.

Web Design

More than anything, we want to make easy and effective websites for anyone that might need them. Sites they can manage themselves, and will serve their projects for years to come. 

We offer sliding scales of pricing – and will work with any amount of content.

Hosting (Probably)

If you’re looking for a better hosting company, based in South Africa, which will offer you speed and scalability, then add your name to our growing list. We’re looking to offer this before the end of the year – provided we have the interest. 

Updates and Cleanups

Scared your site is getting too old to function safely? Making sales on a site that’s got 10+ updates pending? Feeling like everything is about to collapse? Get in touch. We’re able to safely update your sites with no downtime.

Emergency Website Recovery

Our expert de-hacking team will gain access to your lost site – as well as attempt to re-gain access to your data (after sealing off all the holes). 

Our team is also available to “pre-hack” your system – and ensure that it is as secure as possible.


Global Wheeling

Working with Kayden was a great meeting of ideas and resulted in a fantastic website that's stood the test of time as well as hundreds of trees planted around the…

Sioca Publishing

A visually appealing site for a coffee-table book. Slick side menu, full e-commerce, site maintenance and support.

Online Advertising

With years of experience we can improve your campaigns and ROI.


Best practice is standard in everything we do - but tailored campaigns can be arranged.

Digital Strategy

Long term digital marketing strategies, as well as multi-platform campaigns.

Let's build your next project together.

Fill out our short brief template, and we’ll get in touch shortly. 

Please note that we’re currently observing social distancing measures so most work is conducted remotely.